Welcome to The Block, where you’re sharing a space and building a community!


In the heart of Lisboa

2 meetups per week
15min away from the airport
1GB/s fiber internet
Craft Beers, specialty coffee beans, fresh oranges…
An amazing terrace with its own micro climate
Human sized
24/7 access

The block Interior
The Block, a coworking with a crypto flavour, in the heart of Lisbon.


How to deal with them!

The Block relies on its members to grow as a family, you might have to welcome a newcomer once in a while!

If somebody shows up at the door, tell them:

  • We are a community coworking space.
  • The pricing is: 200€/month (locker included) or 60€/week (prices are ex VAT).
  • Show them around: the WIFI password, the meeting room, the terrace, the kitchen, the toilets.
  • Explain that the kitchen is shared, wash what you use, don’t leave a mess behind you 🙂

That’s it, takes 2 min at most.

If they want to stay just one day: we work with donations. If they want to join as members, Kevin will do an invoice!

Thank you for your cooperation! <3


I am the law

  • Don’t be noisy inside, it’s a work space. If you need to talk with your coworkers, please us the meeting room 🙂
  • Please bring your cups/glasses back to the kitchen and wash them after use.
  • If you use any goods (coffee, tea, oranges…), pay in crypto or buy The Block tokens.
  • Bring coffee beans from abroad! We love to taste new coffees!
  • First in the morning? Turn on the lights, open the kitchen, prep the tarrace. Thank you!
  • Last in the evening? Turn off the lights, check the heaters are off (gas and electric), lock the fridge (make sure you don’t leave the keys outside). Also check that the door in the meeting room is closed. Thank you!

Hey hey hey!

Coffee at The Block crypto space, coworking Lisbon
Selection of specialty coffee beans!


Dana is her name

Batteries are CR123a, these things cost a fortunes 🙁 – Please only use the green button to open, don’t lock with the red button.

When you go out, please use the latch as before, don’t pull the Danalock.

Chainsmiths door is now locked down, don’t go through there.

New member? Ask Lola for access.

Stuck outside? (Happens when somebody break the locks) ->Ask on the Telegram group.

Take care of her (the lock, not Lola)

People who have been to The Block

Adam Back, Wladimir Van der Laan, Kanzure, Peter Todd, John Newberry, Jameson Lopp, Joe Lubin, Willy Woo, Lane Rettig, Bashco, Rodolfo NOvak, Ferdous Bhai, Eric Lombrozo, Aaron Van Wirdum, Nicolas Dorier, John Carvalho, Instagibbs and many, many more.

To book a tour with us, just send us an email!

Rua Latino Coelho 63, 1er andar
1050 – 133 Lisbon

+351 211 352 240